Our mission is to encourage fashion industry professionals, artists and creative enthusiasts to build their identities by combining innovative technologies, design and traditional craftsmanship.

We want to inspire individuals and fashion industry professionals with new applications for bio-based materials, combining the old with the new in surprising ways, and encourage them to get in touch with their experimental and playful side. We do this by designing one of a kind products that derive from traditional craftsmanship and combine unexpected elements such as modern with industrial materials. 

We help fashion designers and creatives to shape their ideas into tangible product designs and concepts by offering our knowledge and facilities to get acquainted with artisanal techniques and skills.

We want to promote the principles of slow fashion, authenticity and knowledge sharing an everyday practice.

CHOCHO LA CKOVA uses the knowledge we have of heritage and cultural identity to subsequently integrate them into current mechanisms and processes while researching and experimentation. With attention and room for applying new materials, trials and errors,  playfulness and repurposing. 

By discovering more alternative ways we will also find new ways to manage the unbelievable amount of waste that is produced in fashion and find ways to incorporate upcycling in our daily practices, for instance, CHOCHO LA CKOVA uses left-overs of European leather industries.

Our method

What we make is the result of an intuitive process in which we experiment with shape, color and materials. We bring organic shapes and materials together to create a symbiosis. Two components combined form a natural unit; something new that looks like it has always been there. We scrape, sand and polish until we see, feel and know that it is finished. CHOCHO LA CKOVA  elevates ordinary utensils and parts, such as a press clamp from the hardware store, above their original, purely functional role. By editing them and giving them an artistic application, they acquire a different value, a new aesthetic life.

Our design principles & process

We approach the craft almost like an alchemist would, transforming and mixing materials and designs into exciting functional goods such as bags, shoes, belts and key chains. We are intrigued by unexpected properties, upcycling, sustainable alternatives and circular design.

The core of our focus is experimenting with unconventional principles, with an increasing role for researching and applying bio-based materials. We intend to design according to these three principles: intelligence, courage and experiment.



Our atelier is located in the former factory building of Tetterode Amsterdam, where objects, materials, instruments and inspiration can be found everywhere: a true paradise for artistic researchers like us.

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Da Costakade 148
1053 XC Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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Da Costakade 148
1053 XC Amsterdam

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