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CHOCHO LA CKOVA has a variety of machines in the atelier that can be used, such as:

For products in every field. Textiles and leather materials from light to heavy weight as well as synthetic fabrics can be easily realized with these machines.

A wide range of straight and zigzag operations for textiles and leather materials.

For universal purposes of making your projects possible.

With an overlock machine you can finish fabrics nicely on the edge. The threads go over the edge, so the fabric will not fray. In addition, it also looks very neat, as if you bought the product in the store. With an overlock machine you use multiple threads at the same time. Use with flat stitching sewing machines broadens the range of dressmaking capabilities.

Professional transfer printing of logos, letters, numbers and images on leather, cotton, metal, ceramics and glass objects with a flat surface suitable for making garments, gifts, advertising, etc. It is used to imprint the transferring image into the fibers of the garment or the made product. The heat press pillows raise the garment and allow the pressure. equal to be applied and easy work around seams and zippers.

Pearls beading machine for decorating clothing and accessories.

High-quality eyelet hand machines are suitable for bags, shoes, belts, cushions, signs, posters, curtains, digital printing, interior decoration etc.

Broad possibilities of various punches for making holes, stripes, decorative shapes, curved and pointed edges, stamps, knives, sewing threads and more. The presence of the large cutting table makes pattern- and material cutting comfortable to use.

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