Slide CHOCHO LA CKOVA is an independent artisanal fashion atelier based in Amsterdam.

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Story behind CHOCHO LA CKOVA

CHOCHO LA CKOVA was founded by Jana Chocholackova. Growing up in a shoemaking family, she learned the craft at a young age by working as an intern at the Baťa factory in Partizánske, Slovakia, where she was born and raised. Her bachelor fashion education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Shoe Design at ArtEZ Fashion Master in The Netherlands has helped her to attract clients as an independent and experimental design consultant and fashion prototyper. Having worked with traditional handicraft shoemakers since 2012, she opened her own artisanal atelier in the former Tetterode type-foundry factory building in Amsterdam. Not only is this a workshop, but it is also a collaborative space for fellow fashion designers and artists.

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Customer experience

Slide Zaphira Bor Stotijn | Former Producer and Programmer Entree, The Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam

“For the event ‘Entrée Late Night Café’ in the Royal Concertgebouw which combines music and art, I asked Jana to provide the artistic decoration for several editions and she was given carte blanche. Jana was full of great creative ideas and provided an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere. The public was impressed by the artworks which surrounded the walls and halls. When we had a theme ‘human body’ in fashion, Jana exhibited her own fashion creation, which was one of the most interesting visual contributions in the 6 years that the event took place. She helped me to make the events to be a great success!”
Slide Charlie Matias | Graduate student at Rotterdam Business school, Rotterdam

“It has been a pleasure to work with such an entrepreneurial and dedicated professional. She has impressed me with her artistic, innovative, and keen vision on fashion design and trends. She possesses a strong craftsmanship in the making of handmade products, elaborate knowledge of raw fabric materials and a great eye for detail. If you have not yet visited the CHOCHOLACKOVA's atelier, I would strongly recommend you to do so, as it is a very inviting and inspirational workplace."
Slide Ruchama Hoed | Artist

“Jana is a dedicated and versatile professional in fashion design and material development. With Jana's help I have created my own designs and improved my knowledge of working from patterns. I have gained skills and knowledge of garment making as well as confidence in using industrial machines. She has many skills that she offers generously to help materialize a project. She has a problem solving attitude and her knowledge in support of creative solutions is endless. Above all else she always has chocolate at hand, very helpful! Thank you Jana, it is a pleasure to work with you!”
Slide Megan Alter | Photographer & Producer of photography workshops, Amsterdam

“Jana provided concept styling for a photoshoot workshop with two models and ten photographers.
The concepts and looks she designed were gorgeous while appearing effortless and added an impressive story to every photo created. Her use of color intensified an emotion.”
Slide Guno Pool | Student of High school Geert Groote College, Amsterdam

“Learning to give ideas space to shape up, bypassing friction from thinking too much and how to let ideas be guided by the medium. My time learning with and from Jana will have an everlasting influence on the way I approach creating, and in that time I noticed there is a low friction flow of things when it comes to creating. I found that the ability to quickly accept an hour-long mistake in a project and to avoid lots of friction by immediately attempting to correct the mistake is very valuable. Working backwards is very tough, and learning to do so with a smile is like overcoming fear.”

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